Commercial Property Inspections

Commercial Property Inspections

Vaden Property Inspections provides its own inspections services to Commercial Investors, Buyers, Owners, Real Estate Agents, Attorneys and companies looking to relocate to other suitable locations. Whether you are looking to purchase an Office Building, Apartments, Medical Building, Religous or Retail Building, Vaden Property Inspection is able to meet your inspection needs at a competitive rate and schedule you on the date and during the time that best accommodates you.

Commercial Property Inspections - Vaden Property Inspections

Types of Commercial Properties we Inspect

Thanks to our team of highly-trained professionals we take care of all of the following properties:

  • Office Buildings
  • Multi-Dwellings (apartments, hotel/motel, condominiums, lofts, etc.)
  • Retail Buildings (plazas, malls, market/grocery stores, convenience store, etc.)
  • Religious Buildings (churches, mosques, synagogues, etc.)

Expectations of our Evaluations

Along with the due customer service and commercial inspection experience the inspection service and report will include:

  • Detailed Inspection Report with photos.
  • An assessment of a number of repairs
  • Continual Customer Support during the Escrow Period pertaining the inspection and the report.
apartment building inspections

Apartment Building Inspections

When inspecting an apartment it is crucial that all units are available for the inspector to access at the time of inspection. This is to ensure that most if not all of the units are accounted for during the evaluation process. Since most apartments are closely connected, the condition of one apartment may drastically affect the other. Things such as drainage, electrical systems, water leaks, water heating systems and gas systems, are commonly linked together.

Apartments buildings are inspected as commercial and residential, due to their nature. They require a commercial approach due to the size of the building(s), they may be five, ten or fifteen units or even three hundred units. This requires the inspector to be familiar with the components that encompass such building from a commercial point of view, evaluating all the major sections such as electrical system and panels, plumbing and drainage system and main shut off or other valves.

At the same time the inspector must be able to properly evaluate the living areas and the components that serve such areas, for example, interior rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing, electrical, heating units and water heaters, a process that is typically performed during a home inspection, only this time it is multiplied by how many units are present at the property.

Church Building Inspections

Church Building Inspections

Religious history in the United States started when organized churches made their journey from Europe and settled here in what was to become America around the 1600’s. Some settlers were intensely religious and started the creation of religious buildings in which they would meet and worship on a regular basis.

Religious buildings are not all the same. The layout, a number of buildings on the property, sizes differ from one another. Some have an all-inclusive building with classrooms, day care, storage areas, etc. in the same building. Other religious buildings have separate structures for activities and even a private school area. These religious building used for various purposes are another one of Vaden Property Inspections expertise. Having inspected much such building over the past nine years we have become familiar and inspected a variety of religious buildings. There are hundreds of thousands of religious and congregational buildings throughout the U.S.

Warehouse Inspections

Warehouse Building Inspections

A warehouse is considered to be a commercial building for the storage of goods. Warehouses are used by, manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, etc. These are normally huge plain buildings located in industrial areas of towns or cities. Inspecting the perimeter and components of such buildings may seem intimidating sometimes due to their large sizes and endless looking areas. Many of these buildings have one or numerous loading and unloading docks for shipping and receiving purposes, some often have cranes and forklifts for moving goods which are on standard pallets stored in large warehouse pallet racks. Vaden Property Inspections have the appropriate inspectors to help with the evaluation of such equipment and storage areas. We help clients understand the immediate needs the build may be requiring prior to use of the warehouse or any warehouse components.

office building inspections

Office Building Inspections

Office buildings are important to the economy, providing the driving force to a company’s administrative needs, whether the company is a small one-person operation or a Fortune five hundred enterprise. Office buildings come in different sizes, shapes, and locations. Although offices may differ from each other, the inspection evaluation of them should be taken with the same attentive procedure, be it a small office building or a multi-story building. The inspector should be attentive to even the most minute of details within the property. The office building will continue to be in need as economies continue to evolve and buyers or builders of such buildings will continue to secure their investments through a thorough office building inspection.

retail building inspections

Shopping Center Inspections

No matter what size the shopping center will be, it will require responsible planning for the building to meet standards and be within municipal and state building codes. It is important for every Vaden inspector to secure that the proper planning was taken and the complex does not have any code violation history or such pending issues. Vaden Property Inspections is here to assist builders, buyers or sellers of such building perform comprehensive shopping center inspections and create in-depth simple to understand reports with additional assistance reviewing the reports. Vaden is able to manage the evaluation process through phase 1-3 inspection with up to date thermal imaging equipment and other states of the art tools, which enable the inspector to thoroughly evaluate premises as needed.